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Материали от конференцията
The Liturgy Question in the Vita of Methodius PDF Печат Е-мейл
Автор: Thomas Daiber   
07 Сентябрь 2014
Considering the historical mission of the Slavic apostles it is of crucial importance to know which liturgy was introduced and celebrated by Methodius in Great Moravia. Methodius’s choice of either the Roman or the Byzantine liturgical tradition for his missionary efforts is crucial to reconstruct the reasons why his missionary work met such harsh resistance amongst the Frankish clerics, since liturgy played a crucial role in the cultural assimilation of non Germanic peoples at the borders of the Frankish territory. The paper will point to some wording in the Vita Methodii to understand what is meant by Pope Hadrian's declaration that Methodius was allowed to “celebrate in both languages”.
Литургията на св. Василий Велики според славянската ръкописна традиция (XIII–XVII в.) PDF Печат Е-мейл
Автор: Галя Тодорова Господинова   
07 Сентябрь 2014
There were two independent liturgical rites in the early Byzantine age bearing the name of Saint Basil the Great: Byzantine and Alexandrian. This divine liturgy is one of the most widely used services over time, so it is deservedly considered as a traditional liturgical service of the Church of Constantinople.
Археографические сведения об евфимиевской редакции среднеболгарского перевода “Пандектов” Никона Черногорца PDF Печат Е-мейл
Автор: Събка Богданова   
07 Сентябрь 2014
This paper presents archeographical information for 48 copies of the Euthymian edition of the Middle Bulgarian translation of Nikon Montenegrin's “Pandektite” stored in libraries in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev, Yaroslav, Lviv, Berlin, Belgrade and Athos. Some distinctive features of the two Slavic translations are indicated.
Гръко-александрийската литургия на свети Григорий и проблемът с авторството ] PDF Печат Е-мейл
Автор: архимандрит Авксентий   
07 Сентябрь 2014
This paper presents the question of the authorship of the ten extant Divine Offices that mention the name of Gregory. After an overview of existing opinion on whether St. Gregory the Theologian is really the author of the liturgy, the paper asserts the opinion that it's difficult to speak about the authorship of early divine offices since they were subject to so many revisions.  Nevertheless, it's possible to say that the author of certain divine offices is in fact the compiler of the Eucharistic prayer.
Функционирование дуальных форм в Изборнике XIII в. PDF Печат Е-мейл
Автор: Эльвира Халитовна Шаяхметова   
07 Сентябрь 2014
The subject of our study is the Izbornik of the 13th century (GPB. Q. p. I. 18). A transcription of the Izbornik was published by Polata knigopisnaja in 1987. The text of this transcription was transcribed into digital form, which, after checking with the manuscript, will be published on the Manuscript portal. The presence of the manuscript in “readable” and edited form simplifies its use for computer-based linguistic analysis. It was used for the study and description of the subcategory of the dual number in the Izbornik.
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