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Портал создан при финансовой поддержке Российского гуманитарного научного фонда (РГНФ), проект № 07-04-12140в.

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Conferences and workshops “The modern information technology and the textual heritage” PDF Print E-mail


Conferences "The modern information technology and the textual heritage" are devoted to the development and making of the up-to-date computer tools of the storage, description, processing, interpretation, and publication of ancient and medieval written records, and problems of the preparation of the humanitarian electronic resources and their use in scientific researches and educational field.

On the conferences a workshop is organized – lectures, practical training, advanced demonstrational and consulting sessions about information and complex program systems. 

The first workshop-conference was organized in Izhevsk in 2006, the second   in Kazan in 2008, the third in October 2010 in Ufa, the fourth in September in
Petrozavodsk, the fifth in September in Bulgaria (Kamchia). In October 2009 the workshop for young scientists "The modern information technology and the textual heritage" was arranged in Izhevsk.

The next workshops "Textual Heritage and Information Technologies. El'Manuscript-2015" will be held 10-25 November 2015 in Novosibirsk (Russia).

The next conference of the Community "Textual Heritage" will be held in 2016 in Vilnius (Lithuania).