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The project is supported by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, project #07-04-12140в

(c) "Information Technologies and Textual Heritage", 2008-2020

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  1. Humanities research as an information foundation for digital resources

  2. Electronic resources as a foundation for humanities research.

  3. Linguistic, textual, paleographical, source-studying and other problems of information technologies and computer simulation.

  4. Electronic collections of libraries and archives, databases, electronic descriptions and catalogues

  5. Technologies for creating electronic full-text collections and libraries.

  6. Technologies for providing access to electronic libraries and navigation.

  7. Electronic lexicography.

  8. Storage formats for ancient texts.

  9. Markup types, methods and tools.

  10. Integration of electronic archives and means for sharing data between them

  11. Use of XML and TEI for preparation, processing and publishing digital resources.

  12. Web technologies for electronic publishing.

  13. Vizualization of electronic resources.

  14. Technologies and methods for OCR of manuscripts and blackletter type.

  15. Methods and tools for using electronic collections, libraries and descriptions, catalogues and databases in science, education and popularization.