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The project is supported by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, project #07-04-12140в

Портал зарегистрирован 05 августа 2010 г. в Федеральной службе по надзору в сфере связи, информационных технологий и массовых коммуникаций (Роскомнадзор) в качестве средства массовой информации, номер свидетельства ЭЛ № ФС 77 - 41581. Учредитель В. А. Баранов. 

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Conference content
A digital critical edition of a medieval text: problem definition, main demands and tool preparation PDF Print E-mail
Written by: Роман Михайлович Гнутиков, Виктор Аркадьевич Баранов   
Четверг, 26 Июнь 2008
This paper formulates the theoretical and technological requirements for a digital critical edition of a text for the Manuscript informational-analytical system. The Manuscript system includes a specialized editor that allows relationships to be constructed between content objects and allows a textual database to be constructed. The paper will discuss the use of the editor to create a prototext based on copies of the Slavonic Service Menaions for May.
Problems of representing letters in a diachronic corpus or m PDF Print E-mail
Written by: Александр Викторович Коваленин   
Четверг, 26 Июнь 2008

A. P. Ershov Institute of Informatics Systems of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Science, Novosibirsk, Russia

To devise a character representation system for texts in a diachronic corpus is a more intricate problem than to represent characters of a certain written tradition. Both philological and technical difficulties appear. Proposed solutions often ignore this difference and implicitly have in mind a certain operational environment. Consideration of these issues is important for discussing the correct target setting and proper allocation of philologists’ and IT specialists’ responsibilities.
The digital collection of copies of the Primary Chronicle as PDF Print E-mail
Written by: Анна Анатольевна Коротаева   
Четверг, 26 Июнь 2008
This paper describes the electronic publication of the Primary Chronicle (Hypatian Codex) on the Manuscript portal. This publication permitted us to conduct an investigation into linguistic peculiarities of the manuscript. We also present conclusions of an investigation into the full and brief forms of names with suffixes -ьn- and -ьsk- in their syntagmatic and syntactic functions, as well as remarks about peculiarities of the functioning of substantives in the Old Russian language.
OCR of manuscripts and early printed books using neural netw PDF Print E-mail
Written by: Сергей Иванович Корниенко, Ф.М. Черепанов, Леонид Нахимович Ясницкий   
Четверг, 26 Июнь 2008
This paper describes the possibilities for using artificial intelligence technologies, in particular the neural networks, for recognition of handwritten and early printed texts. Early results using the technology are described.
The adoption of IT in education: problems and prospects PDF Print E-mail
Written by: Мария Александровна Коломенская   
Четверг, 26 Июнь 2008
Problems in the adoption of information technology in education, including the implementation of distance education programs in higher education, are discussed. Examples of long-term development based on distance education programs instituted in universities of Western countries are described.
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