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, 27 2012

Summary. The following paper focuses on the problem of elaboration of the database which is devoted to the hand-written and printed cyrillic books. Nowadays we have the scientific archeographic descriptions of thousands of these books, made and published by the investigators from the Moscow State University. Effective working process with such a material is impossible without modern database. It is worth beginning with books which circulated on the territory of the modern Perm region beginning with the boundary of the XV–XVIth centuries: the database is especially demanded for the history of the regional book culture.

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, 27 2012

Summary. The article deals with the problems of textological study and publication of Russian medieval written documents in the form of questions and answers. The authors suggest the project of a Web information system for comparison and investigation of such documents by means of mathematical models and methods.

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, 27 2012

Summary. The conceptual data model of the information retrieval system «Russian Literature of XVIIIth century» challenges efficient indexing. The system is based on a set of TEI P4 conformant documents where available search criteria are derived from the mark-up. Initial relational approach proved to be very inadaequate and was replaced by a RDF-based system. Standard RDF schemata are used as much as possible but are too coarse-grained in many cases, so a custom schema was devised.

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, 27 2012

Summary. SCAT, a digital corpus of Old Russian hagiographic texts, maintained by the Department of Mathematical Linguistics of Saint-Petersburg State University, contains texts published in PDF and XML formats. Work is under way to provide all texts with morphosyntactic tagging as recommended by TEI guidelines (P5).

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, 25 2012


Interslavonic interferention is considered to be one of the most difficult problems of comparative lexicology. The article is devoted to the problem of this phenomenon's place at the theoretical linguistics, its subtypes called homonymy and enantiosemy we should not mix and the most complicated examples of interferention in different Slavonic languages which can cause some misunderstanding in the field of learning foreign languages and translating as well.

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