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, 25 2012

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, 08 2012


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Written by: William Veder   
, 27 2012
Summary. The Trinity–St Sergius Laura has 17 copies of the Slavonic translation of John of Sinai’s Scala Paradisi, datable between 1334 and ca. 1620. 16 of them are transcribed from two Glagolitic antigraphs kept at the Laura itself, 10 from version b of the translation and 6 from its version c. The Glagolitic paternity of Cyrillic transcriptions is established by comparison of spellings: 1. initial high amplitude of variation (heterography) and subsequent incompatibility of preferences (idiography) provide evidence that the encoding of the antigraph was different from that of any apograph; 2. misreadings and misspellings in patterns associated with specific features of Glagolitic (no marking of jotation, palatality, or tenseness of jers, full sandhi at morpheme boundaries, disregard of Slavonic phonotactics in loanwords) and the very shapes of its letters furnish proof that the antigraph was written in Glagolitic. Detailed analysis of spellings in multiple copies of long texts requires lineated collations of the copies and concordances of specific letters and their combinations in those collations. Tools for such collations [Robinson, 1994] and concordances [Antworth, 1996] are no longer available for texts in Unicode; they urgently await updating.
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, 27 2012
Summary. The topic of this article is an adaptation of migrants in post soviet Karelia. In order to research the factors of adaptations of migrants on the new territory was decided to use association indexing method for transcripts of biography interviews. The main result of research became the conclusion that we can use this method for simple exposure of key positions (problems) of biography, including underline or latent. We also can use the method for discovery of ethnic and social group’s features during the migrant process.
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, 27 2012
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