Дигитализация и експониране на художествено наследство - стандарти, изисквания и добри практики
Автор(ы): Калина Сотирова, Диана Банкова   
07.09.2014 г.
Digitization of cultural heritage in Bulgaria is slowly following European trends. This paper shows the results of an analysis of international standards and best practices in digitization and the virtual exhibition of fine-arts collections. A case study is undertaken: the collection of digital images of icons at the Cyrillo-Methodian Research Center at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Since the topic is interdisciplinary and wide, the focus is on digitization pillars—long-term preservation, access and re-use—in the context of applying state-of-the art standards like CIDOC-CRM. icon sotirova-bankova_elmanuscript2014 (744.22 kB)