Функционирование дуальных форм в Изборнике XIII в.
Автор(ы): Эльвира Халитовна Шаяхметова   
07.09.2014 г.
The subject of our study is the Izbornik of the 13th century (GPB. Q. p. I. 18). A transcription of the Izbornik was published by Polata knigopisnaja in 1987. The text of this transcription was transcribed into digital form, which, after checking with the manuscript, will be published on the Manuscript portal. The presence of the manuscript in “readable” and edited form simplifies its use for computer-based linguistic analysis. It was used for the study and description of the subcategory of the dual number in the Izbornik. icon shayakhmetova_elmanuscript2014 (769.82 kB)