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The project is supported by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, project #07-04-12140в

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Conference content
О возможностях применения статистического метода в характеристике рукописных источников PDF Print E-mail
Written by: Лада Алексеевна Москалева   
Четверг, 26 Август 2010

        Our study presents the analysis outcomes on the prevalence of certain lingual elements and grammatical forms as well as their combinations throughout the discrete fragments of some Old Russian scripts. Additionally, we managed to define the textual overlaps and borders of the mentioned fragments, that affords us to follow the evolvement of the authors’ handwriting, and the evolution of semantic contents of the genuine documents visualized.

О цитировании Апостола в Паренесисе Ефрема Сирина (на материале разновременных списков XIII-XIV вв. PDF Print E-mail
Written by: Мария Олеговна Новак   
Среда, 25 Август 2010
     The paper focuses on the ways of New Testament(Acts and Epistles) quotation in Ephraim the Syrian’s Paraenesis. Thequotations’ role for text-building, main topics, reasons and modes of grammaticaltransformations are considered on XIII-XIV centuries manuscripts’ data.
Анализ газетной периодики (на примере информационной системы «Газета «Пермские губернские ведомости» PDF Print E-mail
Written by: Римма Ваизовна Саляхиева   
Четверг, 12 Август 2010
       In article possibilities of the computerisedanalysis of the text by means of information system ‘Newspaper ‘The Permprovincial sheets’ are presented. We have led results of thematic inquiries tosystem by means of attributes ‘heading’, ‘publication type’, ‘section’ and soforth. We specify possibilities of formation of thematic data files, uses ofkeywords and categories for carrying out of the content-analysis of texts ofpublications.
Использование онтологического подхода в реферировании естественно-языковых текстов PDF Print E-mail
Written by: Юлия Валерьевна Шибанова   
Воскресенье, 08 Август 2010
Система распознавания рукописных и старопечатных кириллических текстов: модель и программно-технологические решения PDF Print E-mail
Written by: Сергей Иванович Корниенко, Л.Н. Ясницкий, Ю.Р. Айдаров, Г.П. Волгирева, Д.А. Гагарина, Ф.М. Черепанов   
Воскресенье, 08 Август 2010


This paper deals with an approach to creation of recognition complex of hand-written andold-printed books. Reasonability of consolidation of storage and recognition systems is proved. The complex model and its modules are described.

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