Проектирование Web-версии комплекса актов Руськой (Волынской) метрики (1569–1673)
Автор(ы): Юрий Анатольевич Святец   
07.09.2014 г.
The valuable body of sources for studying the history of Ukraine in the second half of the 16th and first half of the 17th centuries is Ruthenian (Volhynian) metrica. These books contain official acts published from 1569 to 1673 by the Crown chancellery concerning subjects of the Ukrainian lands. In this paper, the concept of Web publication of Metrica is considered, its hypertextual structure is shown, and prospects of development of the project are illustrated. The information potential of an HTML version is shown using an example of one of the Metrica. icon svyatets_elmanuscript2014 (1.85 MB)