„Агиославика“: дигиталното издаване на Станиславовия чети-миней
Автор(ы): Диана Атанасова   
07.09.2014 г.
The principal task of the project “Reconstruction of the Preslav Hagiographical Collections: Publication and Research of the Stanislav Menologion”, financially supported by the Bulgarian Science Fund (DMU 03/ 19, 12.12.2011), is the preparation and publication (both digital and in print) of and research on the Stanislav menologion. The Hagioslavica webpage has been developed in a way that the information available could be regularly updated and elaborated not only with some news related to the project but also with additional content, including further manuscripts and metadata on them. icon atanasova_elmanuscript2014 (2.56 MB)