Миналото несвършено деятелно причастие — един специален способ за изразяване на евиденциалност в българския език: диахронен план
Автор(ы): Сенем Конедарева   
07.09.2014 г.
This paper deals with the past imperfect participle as a special device for expressing evidentiality in Bulgarian. The formal structure of the participle and its diachronic development are explained. The past participle is presented in parallel with other device for expressing evidentiality—the aorist participle—and their structural and genetic connections are presented diachronically. I argue that this element for expressing evidentiality is unique not only to Slavic languages but also to the languages in the Balkan Sprachbund, and I show how these processes might be presented schematically and visually using Microsoft Office. Some conclusions are derived from the presented data. icon konedareva_elmanuscript2014 (777.14 kB)