О чем говорят пропуски и вставки отдельных слов в гимнографических текстах
Автор(ы): Мария Анатольевна Малыгина   
07.09.2014 г.
This paper deals with some peculiarities in hymnographical texts such as absences in the Slavic translation of certain words (mainly function words) present in the Greek original or insertions which cannot be confirmed in the original text. As research has shown, such differences between the Slavic and Greek texts usually are not accidental and spontaneous and more often occur due to the metrics of Byzantine verse. According to preliminary calculations, 92 of 156 examples are due to such reason and only 64 examples are casual omissions or, quite the opposite, additions. icon malygina_elmanuscript2014 (615.57 kB)