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Материалы конференции
Построение вероятностной модели для слоговой структуры текста. PDF Печат Е-мейл
Автор: Михаил Александрович Шаронов   
11 Июль 2010

The objects of study are the statistics of Russian text, which obtained from informants for the syllabic markup and programmatically for characters of the text. The text is submitted as sequences that consist from random variables - characters of the text. The main order of research is the influence statistical characteristics of chars to the statistical characteristics of composite events presented as sequences of letters, which in linguistics can be defined through the notion of syllable. The main idea of that study is identifying influence chars statistic's, for statistic's of composite events, such as syllables. Established regularities proposed to use in applied problems of speech's modeling, in particular, in defining the boundaries between syllables.

Выдвижение и проверка гипотез в системе распознавания древнерусской скорописи PDF Печат Е-мейл
Автор: Иван Анатольевич Зеленцов   
10 Июль 2010
     Electronic processing of ancient Russian text requires its representation in electronic text format. An OCR system may help in translation of real documents into electronic text. A structure-based hypothesis-driven recognition method is proposed. The paper describes the principles of hypotheses nomination and testing used by this method.
Анализ словообразовательных особенностей русских говоров Удмуртии при помощи лингвогеографической ин PDF Печат Е-мейл
Автор: Екатерина Анатольевна Жданова   
09 Июль 2010

      This article talks about word-formative analysis of certain dialect nomination group based on samplings and maps developed in a linguistic-geographical information system “Dialect”. On the grounds of this analysis, we draw a conclusion about  local peculiarity of Russian dialects in Udmurtia. Carried out work shows the efficiency of a  linguistic-geographical information system “Dialect” in dialect word formation researches.

Тип изложения как основание для фрагментирования летописного текста PDF Печат Е-мейл
Автор: Лилия Фаатовна Килина, Саида Радиковна Зайнуллина   
09 Июль 2010
        This paper reveals the problem of fragmentation of annalistic texts in connection with criterion “Tip izlozhenia”; the classification of types (based on this criterion) in the Old Russian text and their brief description on the base of “Tales of Temporary Years” are offered.
Электронный индекс диалектизмов (лингвистические примечания к лемматизатору) PDF Печат Е-мейл
Автор: Олег Феофанович Жолобов   
09 Июль 2010

     In essence, only in the electronic form this or that historic source may be fully investigated by the researcher. To create an automatic lemmatizator is the foremost and the most difficult task of the electronic lexicography and source study. While elaborating it, not only the orthographical, phonetic and morphological variants should be taken into consideration, but also the dialectal formations.
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