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The project is supported by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, project #07-04-12140в

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Contest of scientific works PDF Print E-mail

Within the workshop we organize the contest of scientific works. The participation for the young scientists under 35 years of age only.

The contest winners will get recommendations from the organizational committee and workshop lecturers for the publication of the scientific works in the top scientific magazines and the possibility to serve internship at one of the Russian scientific centers.

The collection of the workshop materials (printed and electronic) with the articles of the young scientists is going to be published by the workshop beginning.

The deadline of articles reception: September, 20th, 2009.

The program committee has a right to decline articles which do not fit the workshop subject.


Requirements to the articles appearance (for the participation in the contest of scientific works)

An article under 12 pages (0,5 of sheet) of a main text should be sent to the electronic address of the organizational committee or per post (printed or electronic version) or posted on a web-site (section “Add material” in the private profile) and uploaded as single files (section “Upload file”).

For the text marking it is better to use italics and semibold type (underlining, capital composition and spacing is unacceptable). The meaning of a word and other units are in apostrophes (‘ ’). Links to the literature are in square brackets in a text in a format: [first word_of_title, year_of_publication, number_of_item / release / parts: number_of_page]. Bibliographic descriptions of the literature should correspond to requirements of the current GOSSTANDART and to be in not numbered alphabetic list at the end of the article after the title "Literature". Notes (not links to the literature) are made out as usual footnotes at the end of a page (a footnote is automatic, numbered, paginal).

Format of a article file name: surname_of_author_city.rtf (for example, ivanov_novosibirsk.rtf).

Format of text files: RTF and PDF, font Arial Unicode MS, the size is 13 pt, a line spacing – one-and-a-half, fields of 2 sm from different sides, indention is 1 sm, page number – from above on the centre, alignment – on width, the text without hard return.

If in article drawings are used, it is necessary to send them (or to load on a site) by single files in a format *.jpg (a format of a graphic file name: ivanov_novosibirsk_fig1.jpg, number should coincide with drawing number in the article).

Fonts with the signs which are absent in Arial Unicode MS, are sent together with text and graphic files or loaded on a site (section «Load  file»).

The article text

Name Initials and last name (last names) of an author (authors)


The name of an institute (without abbreviation), city, country

Keywords (about 15)

Summary (for an article in Russian – in English, for an article in English or other language – in Russian, under 500 characters)

The main article text