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The project is supported by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, project #07-04-12140в

(c) "Information Technologies and Textual Heritage", 2008-2020

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1. The physical document – Material and technology

·         Codicology

·         Instrumental analysis

·         Visual observation of documents

·         Recognition of relevant features of historic book binding techniques

·         Water mark data base

·         DNA analysis

·         Isotope analysis

2. The script and writing system

·         Photographing

·         Visualization

·         Digitisation

·         Handwritten Text Recognition, Optical Character Recognition

·         Digital Palaeography

·         Digital Graphemics

3. The text - Its processing and presentation

·         Textology and textual criticism

·         Digital editions

·         Digital publishing

·         Text mark-up formats

·         Lemmatisation and morphological mark-up

4. Beyond document, script, and text – Analytics and interpretation

·         Digital libraries and databases

·         Corpora

·         Storage formats

·         Long term storage

·         Lexicography

·         Data mining

·         Navigation and access

·         Web technologies

·         Open science