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Материалы конференции
О системной целостности процессов формирования рукописи научной работы и информационного поиска PDF Печать E-mail
Автор(ы): Станислав Васильевич Моченов, Михаил Александрович Шаронов, Елена Владимировна Никитина, Рустам Рамильевич Ахметгалеев   
07.09.2014 г.
In this paper we present methodological issues on the organization and implementation of information retrieval in various stages of scholarly research and composing a scientific manuscript. We consider approaches aimed at the implementation of specific methodological provisions in the form of basic functionality of a specialized expert system. At this stage of research we are developing a structural-functional model of the specialized expert system and algorithms of expert support to user actions. The goal of the expert support for researchers is to save the logical connections between the goal of information retrieval, the goal of scholarly research, the process of manuscript creation and the stages of information retrieval using information sources. A key feature of the expert system considered in this paper is the implementation of an approach that ensures the achievement of systemic integrity of the processes of composing a scholarly manuscript and information retrieval.
Повышение релевантности результатов поисковых запросов на основе кратких аннотаций научно-технических текстов PDF Печать E-mail
Автор(ы): Станислав Васильевич Моченов, Михаил Александрович Шаронов, Екатерина Сергеевна Волкова   
07.09.2014 г.
This paper examines a relevancy increase of search results when searching specialized scientific and technical literature (articles, reports, author's abstracts, etc.). The relevancy increase is due to giving the user a short text summary generated automatically using algorithms for morphological, syntactic and semantic text analysis.
The Centre of Image and Material Analysis in Cultural Heritage (CIMA) in Vienna and its Present Activities PDF Печать E-mail
Автор(ы): Heinz Miklas, Claudia Rapp, Robert Sablatnig, Ana Camba, Manfred Schreiner, Wilfried Vetter   
07.09.2014 г.
This paper presents the activities of CIMA, the new interuniversity Centre of Image and Material Analysis in Cultural Heritage. Established in Vienna at the beginning of 2014, CIMA is an interdisciplinary center for research by philologists, computer scientists and chemists on multispectral imaging and analysis as well as the material analysis of cultural objects. Presently the focus of CIMA is on (predominantly damaged) medieval manuscripts. The main objective is to apply and develop new methods for non-invasive investigations, classify their results and make new scientific findings.
Алгоритм работы морфологического парсера калмыцкого языка PDF Печать E-mail
Автор(ы): Виктория Васильевна Куканова, Араша Юрьевич Каджиев   
07.09.2014 г.
This article is devoted to the description of an algorithm for a morphological parser of the Kalmyk language for automatic processing of texts. The work on the creation and development of the National Corpus of the Kalmyk Language began at the end of 2010 and now includes 17 million of tokens. The parser analyzes about 90 percent of text including 11 % of homonym variants for morphological annotation. Our aim is to increase the figure of non-ambiguous analysis.
Модель системы распознавания старопечатных кириллических текстов с помощью лингвистической базы данных PDF Печать E-mail
Автор(ы): Денис Рашидович Касимов, Александр Валерьевич Кучуганов, Максим Николаевич Мокроусов, Павел Петрович Осколков   
07.09.2014 г.
In this paper a technique and an experimental system of optical character recognition of early printed Cyrillic texts are proposed, which are characterized by building an attributed graph of an image containing fuzzy attributes of the outline and skeleton of symbols generated by detection of letters on the basis of description logic as well as by the method of fuzzy recognition of words by building a tree of correspondences to a linguistic database.
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