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The project is supported by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, project #07-04-12140в

Портал зарегистрирован 05 августа 2010 г. в Федеральной службе по надзору в сфере связи, информационных технологий и массовых коммуникаций (Роскомнадзор) в качестве средства массовой информации, номер свидетельства ЭЛ № ФС 77 - 41581. Учредитель В. А. Баранов. 

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Conference content
The use of information technologies and Internet resources f PDF Print E-mail
Written by: Ирина Николаевна Голицына   
Среда, 25 Июнь 2008
The possibilities for using information technology and Internet resources in the creation of traditional textbooks are discussed. When creating textbooks, it is necessary to consider the perception of information by modern students. The case of creating textbooks for advanced students of Islamic culture and history is discussed.
Levels of representation of data in transcriptions of mediev PDF Print E-mail
Written by: Алексей Михайлович Лаврентьев   
Среда, 25 Июнь 2008
In this paper we consider various traditions of editing medieval French texts (critical, diplomatic and “imitative”) and suggest a distinction of transcription levels based on a linguistic analysis. These levels can be implemented in multi-layer electronic editions that would meet the requirements of various types of users (paleographers, linguists, literary scholars, historians, etc.).
Initial experiences with designing an electronic catalog for PDF Print E-mail
Written by: Ольга Витальевна Мелёхина, Наталия Александровна Резник   
Среда, 25 Июнь 2008
This paper discusses the general structure, purposes, possible applications, and advantages of use of a new visual aid that we have designated a “slide catalogue”. The paper describes the contents and modes of application of slide catalogues related to the collection “Fishes: a Virtual Oceanarium” and gives the example of a slide catalogue for foreign language instruction called “Les symboles politiques de la France”, which has been used in the classroom in the context of teaching French and French civilization at Murmansk State Pedagogical University since 2007.
The formation technology of input forms and editiing of IRS objects of manuscripts description of the Library RAS PDF Print E-mail
Written by: Вера Григорьевна Подковырова, Анатолий Анатолиевич Налимов, Наталия Алексеевна Ефимова   
Среда, 25 Июнь 2008
The paper describes the construction of user interfaces for the multifunctional informational-search system “Vedj” of the manuscript division of the Library of Russian Academy of Sciences. The main aim of the system, which is based on the classic analytic scheme, is to reflect all aspects of scholars’ archeographic, textological and codicological work. The system is platform-independent, using PHP, Apache, and MySQL.
On certain difficulties working with ancient manuscripts (us PDF Print E-mail
Written by: Ольга Сергеевна Паймина   
Среда, 25 Июнь 2008
There are a number of problems in the study of ancient manuscript texts, such as the interpretation of graphic signs, adequate representation of unusual ligatures, and the revealing and subsequent non-admission of misprints or mistakes. This paper is devoted to consideration of these problems using examples from the Trinity Miscellany (Troickij sbornik).
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